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Post by corni123 on Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:26 am

Skill Name
Req. JLV
Skill Type
Specialty JLV
Recruit Skills 1022
Damp Rifle MasteryJLV 1Passive JLV5 This skill increases Ranged Attack Power and Ranged Accuracy when using a Damp Rifle.
Recruit Skills 1022
Fire PracticeJLV 1Passive No This skill increases your Physical Ranged Max Attack and Min Attack when using with a Damp Rifle.
Recruit Skills 1099
Close Order DrillJLV 1Passive No This skill increase Short Ranged Physical Attack Power.
Recruit Skills 1108
Bayonet StanceJLV 1Passive No This skill lets you use Bayonet Stance.
Recruit Skills 1084
HideJLV 5Passive No This skill raises your soul resistance.
Recruit Skills 1004
Strong MindJLV 5Passive No This skill raises your soul resistance.
Recruit Skills 1037
Predator FocusJLV 5Passive No This skill increases your ranged Attack Power and Accuracy depending on your CON stat.
Recruit Skills 1053
Survival Skill JLV 15Passive No Certain species of eating corpses to recover the HP. The party members will also have a 50% HP recovery within a certain radius.
Recruit Skills 1005
Flinte SlamJLV 1Active No This skill lets you hit the head of your enemy with the butt of your gun.
Recruit Skills 1128
Joint KickUnknownActiveNo Kicks the leg of your enemy to add 'Lower Body Paralysis'. 1 LP
Required. While under the effects of 'Lower Body Paralysis' moving is
Recruit Skills 1100
Focus ShotJLV 1Active No This skill is an aimed shot for the lower half of the body and has a chance to cause "Lower Body Paralysis".
Recruit Skills 1114
Final BlowJLV 5Active No This skill uses all of your LP to do critical damage to the target.
Recruit Skills 1082
Luring ShotJLV 5Active No This skill won't do any damage to the enemies but to attract the
attention of the enemies. When used, the enemy will turn to you.
Recruit Skills 1125
Rotating Fire ShotJLV 5Active No This skill has a chance to wound the enemy.
Recruit Skills 1060
TrackingJLV 10Active No This skill reveals all hiding objects around you.
Recruit Skills 1113
Polleo ShotJLV 10Active No This skill uses your LP to deal high damage on the enemy.
Recruit Skills 1012
DesignationJLV 10Active No This skill will let you mark your target to decrease its Evasion Ratio and Magical Resistance.
Recruit Skills 1007
Piercing ShotJLV 10Active No This skill does more damage on enemies with higher defence.
Recruit Skills 1051
Shotgun LaunchJLV 15ActiveNoFires a shot with high hit probability. 1 LP Required.
Recruit Skills 1094
Prepared ShotJLV 15ActiveNo Attack with maximum energy and cause powerful bullets fire.
Recruit Skills 1072
DisarmJLV 15ActiveJLV 20 This skill causes "Shock" on monsters and "Attack Power Decrease" on other players.
Recruit Skills 1016
Freezing ShotJLV 15ActiveNo This skill lets you attack your target with a shot that may add "Freezing " Effect.
Recruit Skills 1049
EmissionJLV 20ActiveNo Regional pollution generated by the region in a state of intoxicating the enemies who make it.
Recruit Skills 1019
Lightning ShotJLV 20ActiveNo Lightning force by the thunderstorm with a grenade launcher. In a
certain probability thunderstorm will be created near the enemy
transmission. (Up to 4 times)

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