Novice Skills

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Novice Skills

Post by corni123 on Tue Apr 07, 2009 6:27 am

Skill Name
Req. JLV
Skill Type
Specialty JLV

Short Sword MasteryJLV 1Passive JLV 3Allows the user to equip a "Short Sword" type weapon. Attack power
and accuracy will be increased each level up. Skill Exp is gained each
time by hiting with "Short Sword".

Mastery Of KingJLV 2ActiveJLV 7Increase the min physical DMG.

Martial ArtsJLV 1Passive JLV 11This skill increases attack power and accuracy when fighting bare handed.

TensionJLV 4Active JLV 40Increase LP when used.

Quick RecoveryJLV 6Passive No This skill increases your natural HP and SP recovery rate.

Quick BlowJLV 1Active JLV 5 This skill hits the target with high accuracy and high damage. Gain
1 LP when used per time. (An LP is an acronymn for Letalis Points, and
it stands for points gained while using skills. There are amazing
skills which can only be used when theres enough LP.)

Improvised ComboJLV 5ActiveNo This skill does more damage if used on mobs with a higher level than you. 2 LPs will be consumed each time this skill used. Can not be used on mobs 20 leves higher than you

Insight StrikeJLV 3Active No If this skill kills your target you will gain extra EXP, all the
LPs will be consumed and attacking DMG will be increased according to
the consumed LPs.

Power StrikeJLV 7Active JLV 13This skill ignores the enemys physical defence. 1 LP will be gained each time this skill used.

Appeal SympathyJLV 8Active JLV 20This skill decreases the enemys hate towards you.

Act DeadJLV 9Active No This skill lets you pretend to be dead and keep aggressive monsters from attacking you. All SP will be consumed.

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