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RO2 Common Problems and Solutions Empty RO2 Common Problems and Solutions

Post by Mondie on Tue Jun 23, 2009 5:00 pm

Hey there! I'm gonna be compiling a list of some problems and the solution

Problem #1: I can't register!!

One of the possible reasons is that the gateway is down. Please wait patiently for Elixa to bring it back up:)

let's see.
example, i wanted to create a new account in AegisRO2, i'll input these details in the log-in:

username: mondie_m
password: lolthisismypasswordnottoolongisn'tit.

as you can see there's a _m there, which means my account would be a male account. If I wanted a female account, then i'll have to put _f, like this:

username: mondie_f
password: lolthisismypasswordnottoolongisn'tit.

there. And when you're finished registering, and you're able to create an account and log in, the next time you're gonna log in again, you'll have to remove the _m or the _f in order to get in successfully:

username: mondie
password: lolthisismypasswordnottoolongisn'tit.

There! I hope this would help. Smile

p.s. you'll have to click 'Enter the World' for both the registering and logging in, the create account button is not working. ^_-

Problem #2: My RagII.exe disappeared!
Mondie wrote:To those who encounter errors that says RagII.exe is missing (system\ragII.exe) please download this and place in your system folder (in RO2 main folder).

E.g.: C:\program files\ro2\system

- Mondie

Problem #3: I Always get the Load <GameStringTable.dat> File Error!!!

Mondie wrote:you could open update.ini and locate this line


change whatever number there is to:

Problem #4: I got the Microsoft Framework Error!

When this error pops out, it would tell you what files are missing, usually from this directory:

to solve it, you'll need to download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5. Smile
Download it here:

Problem #5: My User Interface is all blank! :O

cherry.lips wrote:you just have to restart your pc Razz~

Problem #6: Everything Loads slowly / You can't see yourself
sloantech wrote:
Problem: Objects, characters, and buildings load very slowly
due to your quad core or dual core processor which has issues with RO2,
as most programs are not dual core optimized let alone configured for
quad core and will not be for quite some time.
---Open your task manager, under processes find ragii.exe, right click and click "set affinity", make sure only 1 core is checked (core 0). if you see no improvement, relaunch the game.

EDIT: just to clarify myself. Launch the game via the aegisro2 updater (click start game), x86 or x64 it doesn't matter when using that.

Problem #7: How Can I Put the game in Full Screen Mode?

Shinful wrote:Go to Setting screen by pressing "Esc" button.

Then uncheck the "Windows mode" (Don't need to check the "Full Screen"). And then, just adjust the screen resolution....

Problem #8: I Can't Launch RO2! [Vista Users]

A possible solution to this is to do the hackshield fix. This is required for all vista users.

Elixa wrote:1. Go to System (AegisRO2 folder)
2. HShiled folder (inside system folder)
3. Change EhSvc.dll name to _1EhSvc.dll
4. Copy the file psapi.dll and rename it (the copy) as EhSvc.dll
5: Thats it now it should run

Another solution would be restarting, and the last resort, reinstalling the whole client. If it still does not work, create a post in the forum, and we'll help you to the best we can. Smile

Problem #9: I can't Log-in! [It stays at connecting to server forever]
This is not your fault, its the server's fault. The gateway probably encountered an error that prevents all users from logging in-game. Please wait for Elixa to restart the server to fix it Smile

More problems - solutions will be added in the near future. Smile

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