11-7-2009 Update!

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11-7-2009 Update! Empty 11-7-2009 Update!

Post by Elixa on Sat Jul 11, 2009 10:09 pm

hey hey!

this is the first update for AegisRO! the 1st repeatable exp quest Langry at the left portal of geffen is added, now i made that one i can just copy the main dialogs and make the other 14 work. I will just use the normal exp rate and item count from iRO.

next wednesday i will add the membership system (made by GM Mondie).

the system is like this:

1) you buy a coin for like 5 euro.
2) i will make mail you a account with the coin on that char in the chars inventory
3) exchange the coin for kafra points (1 coin = 1000 kafra points) at the coin exchanger next to every kafra.
4) spend the kafra points at the area you can warp to with the coin exchanger.

You can spend the coins on stat resets, job changes and you can spend them on battle manuals (gives extra exp for a amount of time), Bubble gum (does add extra droprate for a amount of time), special event headgears (iRO headgears which add extra exp bonus and cool stat adds + some dutch event headgears)

all the items will be added to the donation page on the website and in the shops at the special map.

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