21-8-2009 update!

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21-8-2009 update! Empty 21-8-2009 update!

Post by Elixa on Fri Aug 21, 2009 10:37 am


Aion Aegis updated to the latest rev: revision 524

it is easy to update now for me cause i know how it works XD

what has changed?

:more mobs spawn at asmodea
-(where)(what mob)
-Anturoon Crossing Carak Steeltooth
-Anturoon Crossing Skuld
-Anturoon Crossing Eyvindr Peon
-Anturoon Crossing Fang Karnif
-Anturoon Crossing Woods Sparky
-Anturoon Crossing Fluttering Sylph
-Anturoon Crossing Grave Sparkle
-Ishalgen Prison Camp Thorny Hair Amphis
-Anturoon Crossing Corak Steel

have fun all!!

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