13-7-2009 update!

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13-7-2009 update! Empty 13-7-2009 update!

Post by Elixa on Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:37 pm


here is elixa with a new update!

Mondie made a script for me for the donation system for RO1.
it is an npc wich converts the donation coin in kafra points which you can spend at the room where the npc warps you too.

you can:

job change
stat reset
buy headgears
some slotted gear (maybe)
battle manuals + buble gum (exp and drop boosts)
yggdrasil berry sales

The full system will be done at wednesday (donation page, instructions, all npc's finished)

And today i added 4 new repeatable EXP quests, these are the locations and npc names:

Yullo: (mjolnir_01 296, 29)
Shone: (moc_fild17 208, 346)
Lemly: (moc_fild17 66, 273)
Li: (pay_fild10 108, 357)

more information here: link

greetz, Elixa! sunny

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