A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi

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A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi Empty A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi

Post by Masterhavoc on Thu Mar 26, 2009 9:59 am

Alot of people seem to have problems with hamachi so i decided out of the kindness of my ebil heart to make a guide
will probably add screenies if im not feeling lazy

If you are a fresh installee, skip to number 2

1) I recommend starting with a fresh install. uninstal hamachi and deleting the folder,You can uninstall it using Control panel Add/Remove Proggie. The folder is usually located at c:\programfiles\hamachi.
If your like my and you are OC (No its not obesity complex) you should manually delete the registry values, or use a program, like say smexy CCleaner download avialable here http://www.filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/ << Click the download Latest Version. Install it and click the registry button and make sure all of the boxes are checked.
Click scan for issues and wait for a moment, after the scan click the fix selected issues and a window will pop out and i usuallly just click fix all and delete. but if you know what you dont like like, feel free to do it one at time, (I hate em all). Feel free to use the other features of CCLeaner

2) You can download hamachi from here, http://www.filehippo.com/download_hamachi/ <<< Click the Download Latest Version and put it anymore you like.

3) Double click and start the installation( DUH ). Click next next untill you come to the user agreement, if your a dumbass just click the checkbox and click next, but if you wanna look smart, read it all

4) The next window is stuff you can easily edit. fix to your like. The next window after that is a warning and precaution to disable a service in the registry which can be used to hack your system. If you arent using it(Or atleast you dont think so) click the box and press the next key

5) In this window make sure click the Use non-commericial release <<< this option willl make sure your hamachi is FOREVAR!!!!!11111

6) click next and the installer should do its stuff

7) Congrats, You finally have Hamachi installed, now to learn how to use it! Very Happy make sure to launch it immediately, but if you really dont to WANT to,meh, just please make sure to run it as its vital in the next part. Cant configure something that isnt on can we?

8)Now a annoying tutorial should take place, you should use, but if you really dont want to( you are soooo lazy) just make sure you have a username/nickname already and then skip the whole thing.

9) Now on the hamachi window(its a grey small box) there are 3 small buttons on the lower part. The first one is a power button, to turn it on and off, te next is to create a network or join one, and the third has the prefreneces and about this shit. If you dont like your username/nick bcause its crap. you can change it at the preferences menu

10) Click the join existing network. Now in the Top part of the empty box put

AegisRO2-1 <<Change the (1) if when you press the connect button server is full( you can use Numbers 1 - 35 EXAMPLE: AegisRO2-12. the password remains the same for all rooms, so go nuts)

and in the password box/ or next box put


(Yes copy paste works. Now exploit). Click the connect button and it should enter a server room, Congrats, Now you can play in AegisRO2 Private server(Granted you wernt a dumbass installing the client).

Make sure everytime you want to connect to the server TURN ON hamachi and JUST CLICK the power button. it will put you back in that specific room without any hassle and it MUST REMAIN ON WHILE YOU PLAY.

Credits go to Hamachi, CCleaner ( you smexy program) and i guess the internet cafe here im leeching on for WIFI

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A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi Empty Re: A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi

Post by Hizaki on Thu Mar 26, 2009 1:46 pm

wow.. good work and nice guide masterhavoc I love you

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A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi Empty Re: A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi

Post by Mondie on Thu Mar 26, 2009 3:04 pm

This is a good guide, but it could've been a lot more 'awesome'-r if it was colored XD. But anyway, moving this to guides. (in a few moments. LOL)

- Mondie

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A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi Empty Re: A Guide to Installing bug/licence free hamachi

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